Lanesplitter Garage's 1989 Yamaha TW200 "Tonka"


For all its farm bike ways, the Yamaha TW200 sure is charming. With a utilitarian build and cartoon tires, it’s the two-wheeled, life-sized equivalent of a Tonka truck. It’s also the perfect base for this playful project—the work of Brisbane’s Lanesplitter Garage


For the build, a new stainless steel exhaust – fabricated in the shop – now shares the lines of the seat while a second-hand tank now replaces the Yamaha stock version and blends seamlessly with the seat. Also, a new LED taillight was outfitted above the floating rear fender (new as well) and pairs nicely with the LED-lit license plate. In addition, blacked out wheels now match the oversized tires on this incredibly fun looking toy of a bike. [H/T: Bike Exif]