Neo-Retro is a Robocop-Inspired Honda XLR250R

Some of Honda’s stock motorcycles are just begging to be turned into cafe racers – like the very common CB series. Which is probably why they’re so common with custom shops. Others, however, require a complete overhaul to even sort of resemble a modern bike. And that’s what makes this bike from ASK Motorcycle so impressive – it started out as an XLR250R dual-sport.

Completely reimagined and transformed into the Robocop-esque neo-retro hill climber you see before you, this bike was a 3-year solo project of shop owner Rad Yamamoto. And if you look at the stock version of this bike, you’ll see what took so long. It helps, too, that all of its custom bodywork was made completely by hand. Other upgrades include the swapping of the front forks for a pair from a CB400F, new 17-inch Excel wheels, a new gas tank and handlebars, and a completely chopped off tail end. By all accounts, this retro-futuristic custom bike will turn some heads and capture some hearts.