This Film Will Sell You on Japan in Five Minutes


Melbourne based filmmaker Julian Lucas headed to Japan on holiday, and left with one of the most serenely beautiful depictions of the country we’ve seen in quite some time.
Tokyo’s known for its dizzying pace, neon lights and jumble of human bodies getting on and off trains, but rarely is the tempo slowed to what we see in five-minute clip BLOOM. If you’ve been to Japan before, this video will evoke a sense of nostalgia within you you didn’t even know that you had. If you haven’t, you’ll want to. Slow pans across cherry blossoms, characters on the streets and the agonisingly symmetrical architecture reveal a still beauty in a city that rarely slows down.

And, proving that travel pieces don’t need overbearing tropical house music soundtracks and insufferable Instagram models to appeal, the score—by Matt Hadley—synchronises perfectly with the visual, weaving its way in and around the sounds of the streets. Julian says, “I wanted the soundtrack to be its own character. I wanted the viewer to be as audibly stimulated as they are visually. And I wanted sounds from the real world to contribute to the rhythm and pacing of the piece.”