Simple Living Done Right


The Grand-Pic Chalet, located in Austin, Quebec, Canada, is about as simple as cabins can be. Granted, it’s made of modern materials and not the rustic log early mountain men created, but it’s still largely a no frill house. And that was the idea. The architects admit that their objective was to be “guided and inspired by the characteristics of the terrain.” What they achieved as something with “simplicity and sober physicality.”


From the exterior, you can see how it blends into the surroundings. The black color, accompanied with the white pine of the deck and the light gray of the gravel drive, match the white bark of the nearby aspens and the brownish-grey of the pines. Large windows dominate one half of the building, along with the sliding glass doors. The walls and roof are covered in matching metal siding and roofing.


The interior carries on that idea of simplicity. There are a few walls with white wainscoting, but most of the interior appears to be sheets of white pine plywood. The lightness makes the interior bright, but also warm and welcoming. There are a few areas highlighted by black, which only further accentuates the lightness. The floor is the smoothly poured concrete slab that acts as the house’s foundation. A second outbuilding of matching design sits only a few meters away.

The Grand-Pic Chalet is so simple that it really becomes a get-away from the distractions of the world—quite frankly because there are no distractions here.