A Free Day in Paradise

It’s not often that your garden-variety skateboarder rubs elbows with those in Sydney’s elite residential market. 

So when we noticed a glimmer of a backyard pool in a seemingly abandoned multi-million-dollar waterfront property, we knew it might be time to dip the metaphorical (and then literal) toe in the water. Things started off swimmingly, as the suspicious, then agreeable neighbour welcomed us, even thanking us for getting rid of the awful smell coming from the mouldy, neglected pool. However as the hours of disgusting and hard labour progressed, something changed. It appeared our reefer and rock ‘n’ roll music had been offending the nostrils and ears of our once friendly neighbour. The way she looked down at us from her polished balcony was as if Afroman had moved into Palmdale and houses had gone up for sale.

With the pool drained, cleaned and all but dry, it was with heavy hearts that the word was passed around that the boys in blue were on our newly acquired doorstep. With only 20 minutes of reaping the fruits of our labour, it was all over. Three hours of face down interrogation on the driveway later and everyone was left to head on their way, for the most part unscathed. A free day in paradise, complete with a swim in the ocean and some lines in a pool that will most likely never be skated again. The moral of the story is that the bad guys (us) win again.

Words and photos by Cameron Markin. See more of his work here and here.