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Freycinet Coastal Pavilions Will be Your Next Holiday

Some might have only heard of Tasmania by way of the little devil from Looney Tunes cartoons, but it’s so much more than that. Tasmania is an island-state of Australia, a land of awe-inspiring beauty and vast oceanic vistas, with huge national parks and untouched land. The Freycinet Lodge Pavilions are the perfect way to become immersed in the island’s immense forestry and incredible landscape.

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J.R's Eco Hut at Kimo Estate is the Ultimate in Off-Grid Living

Perched on a hilltop on a farm in Gundagai, J.R's Eco Hut at Kimo Estate offers a swanky way to enjoy the Australian wilderness. The one-room A-frame operates completely off-grid. Although they resemble a tent, the accommodations are anything but rugged. Their interiors are fitted with hardwood floors, wood-burning stoves, and a full bathroom. Full-height glazing allows you to watch the sunrise from the comfy king-size bed while a covered deck provides panoramic views of the surrounding Kimo Valley during breakfast.

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Panorama Glass Lodge

Located by the Greenland Sea just a 30-minute drive from Reykjavík, the Panorama Glass Lodge lets you sleep in complete comfort without obstructing the view of the sky. The bedroom area of this accommodation for two is encased entirely in glass, and its remote location offers a great chance of seeing the Northern Lights. There's also a two-person hot tub next to the lodge, a small kitchen with electric stove, toaster, and fridge, and a rain shower in the bathroom, as well as near-total privacy for you and whomever you bring along.

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