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Microsoft's Next-Generation Whiteboard is Straight Out of an Ironman Film

Microsoft just debuted the Surface Hub 2, a super-futuristic "whiteboard" that's essentially a massive 50.5" 4K tablet powered by Windows 10 that runs apps like PowerPoint and Skype. It's designed to empower teams and drastically increase efficiently but, quite frankly, adds a massive cool factor to any workspace. It's equipped with a ton of bells and whistles (rotating 4K cameras, crystal-clear, far-field mics and even more) and also gives you the ability to "tile" Surface Hubs together for a stunning visual effect stretched across an entire wall. Corporate life doesn't look so bad with one (or 6) of these.

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Felix Hotel is Here to Shake Up the Airport Hotel Scene

Travellers setting down at Sydney Airport may well want to spend the night, with the opening of the new Felix Hotel that can only be described as first class. Located just seven minutes by foot from the domestic terminal, Felix Hotel by 8Hotels takes its inspiration from the Golden Age of air travel in the 60s — that is, before budget airlines made you pay for water. It starts from the moment you step through the door, with guests checking in not at a ground-floor lobby, but the penthouse on the top level of the hotel. In addition to a view of the runway, the penthouse is home to a rooftop cinema, a 24-hour food shop and a cocktail bar that is surprisingly colourful — making a nice change to the usual drabness of airport hotels.

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