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Bruny Island Hideaway Cabin

Inspired by minimalist Japanese homes, the Bruny Island Hideaway Cabin by Maguire and Devine Architects is an off-grid sanctuary isolated from the noisy city life. Sitting in the middle of lush foliage off the southern coast of Tasmania, this contemporary compact cabin is a perfect place to slow down and enjoy life.

Taking a look inside, the interior only features built-in furniture with the exceptions of the low table and mattress in the upper level. The ground floor of the cabin contains a kitchen, living room, study, bathroom, day bed, and laundry area. Making your way up the ladder to the loft, you’ll find a peaceful sleeping space. Massive windows and sliding doors all around the cabin open up to nature, offering fantastic views of the landscape. There are also two decks to help the owner relax with one of the decks featuring a built-in bath. The cabin utilizes a rainwater collection system, solar panels, and a skylight to invite natural light into the living space, as well as sticking to the client’s brief to keep the dwelling environmentally friendly.

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This Hut on Sleds Has a Unique, Functional Design

Situated on the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand, Whangapoua is a small settlement of mostly vacation homes with some of the most picturesque surroundings you’ll ever experience. The only issue with the Coromandel beach site is that it exists within the erosion zone, so all buildings must be completely removable. Crosson Architects had to get creative when it came to creating a home for its clients, so the company built this cabin on sleds. Appropriately titled Hut on Sleds, this building is designed to be towed up or down the beach as quickly as needed. The surf shack/lookout tower vibe of the exterior is certainly a feature.

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The Nolla Cabin in Finland is an A-Frame Built for the Environment

For $35 a night, visitors are invited to pursue a zero-waste lifestyle in an eco-friendly cabin prototype on an idyllic Finnish island. Created by Helsinki–based designer Robin Falck for energy company Neste’s Journey to Zero campaign, the Nolla Cabin uses a back-to-nature approach to inspire guests to adopt a minimal environmental footprint. 

"The cabin represents an alternative way of living, without any of the unnecessary commodities we consume these days," explains Falck. "It represents an approach to living where the focus is more on what lays on the outside of a dwelling, rather than within."

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Stay in the CABN Tiny Cabin

In a cluttered world, true freedom is hard to come by. CABN’s mission is to give back a modicum of that freedom, reconnect people with nature, and offer a cleansing respite from an often toxic world – and the vehicle of their ethos is the off the grid Jude Cabin in Adelaide Hills. Home to South Australia’s most awesome landscapes – both energizing and meditative, inspiring and contemplative – the CABN tiny home offers a no-frills, simple but beautiful shelter. The digital detox precludes anything beyond simple tech. After all, the magnificent vistas are stimulating enough. Endless hiking, birdwatching, exploration, and relaxing in the over 180 acres of natural scrubland should do just fine.

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PV Cabin

Tucked away in the mountainous landscape of Pinto, Chile, the PV Cabin is a refuge for rock climbers. The small shelter is situated in a clearing surrounded by trees and a towering rock wall. Perched on a foundation of wooden stilts, the structure is raised above the ground, safe from the winter snowfall. The open interior is clad entirely in wood. Although just a single story, its double-height gives the illusion of space and allows for a lofted bedroom. A wall of glass floods the space with natural light while also connecting the inside with the neighboring forest.

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Troll's Peak Cabin

Crafted from local timber using traditional techniques, the Troll's Peak Cabin takes inspiration from a classic row farm. The structure is comprised of four sections. Ranging from late medieval to a more modern dovetail notch, each one is constructed using a different method, resembling a line of individual buildings. On the southern end, a timber-framed garage clad in transparent polycarbonate provides an entrance for hikers and skiers from the outdoors, while also acting as a storage space for gear. This room leads through the rest of the house where low-lying windows bring in the surrounding wilderness. On arriving at the main living area, a sofa sits in front of a large picture window, framing in views of the Norwegian mountain valley.

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