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These Miniature Models Pay Tribute to the Corner Store

Drew Leshko knows a bit about loss. The Philadelphian has experienced enough of it in his life to focus a recent exhibition on the matter, creating painstakingly crafted sculptures in memory of long-gone loved ones. By which of course we mean long-lost buildings. The Only Constant is a tribute to the forgotten urban landmark; the dishevelled old corner store, the family-owned pizza shop, the run-down laundromat, the small-time pharmacy with the permanently closed roller door.

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Elliott Routledge's Strange Oasis

Elliott Routledge (or as most know him, Numskull) is a name synonymous with Sydney's contemporary art scene.Living in Sydney, it’s almost impossible not to have come across his work. Splashed across walls, adorning the sides of one of the city’s most visible universities, and exhibited in countless galleries, Elliott’s work is instantly recognisable.

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