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Lindis Lodge

Surrounded by 2500 hectares of New Zealand's mountains and grasslands, the Lindis Lodge is the cushy way to get your adventure fix. The resort goes nearly undetected. Its wood plank roof blends into the landscape, peaking up from the Ahuriri Valley floor only to reveal walls of glazing. Lined with rich wood, the suites are a contemporary haven to unwind and gaze at the rugged surroundings. Speaking of the surroundings, the pristine lands of Ben Avon station are prime for activities like horse trekking, fly-fishing, and biking. For something a little more extreme, guests can go off-road in a 4WD buggy or take to the skies in a glider, flying around Mt. Cook and Milford Sound. After refueling on high-country Kiwi fare, visitors should head back outside with a glass of local wine and end the night with some world-class stargazing.

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