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25 Years of Enter the Wu-Tang

It's one of the greatest, most original, most influential hip-hop albums ever: The Wu-Tang Clan's Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) has been smashing fans and inspiring artists well outside of the hip-hop genre for 25 years. For The Children: 25 Years of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) is a short film that looks back at the group and the record with interviews of the members, family, and friends that were there during the creation of one of the best albums of all time.

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LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Oh Baby’ Video Is a Six Minute Sci-Fi Drama

In the fascinating music video directed by Rian Johnson for the LCD Soundsystem song “Oh Baby” from their new album American Dream, an loving couple, played by actors Sissy Spacek and David Strathairn, work together to create something big. They start out with the complicated math, move onto the construction and finally test their creation out with a big red ball. The experiment results in great success and the red ball disappears between two metal frames labeled respectively “Here” and “There”. When Spacek’s character is shot during a break-in, Strathairn’s character knows exactly what to do in order to stay together forever.

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'Wajung' is a short film by Nathan Oldfield commissioned for The Surfer’s Journal. It features the surfing of Dave Rastovich and the music of Nick Wales. 'Wajung' is the name given to the bottlenose dolphin by the Arakwal People, the traditional custodians of this region of Bundjalung Country on the Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Wajung can live for over fifty years and they typically live as a community of residents along a particular stretch of coast. As a result, they know the local seascape intimately.

Read an interview with Nathan here.

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MR PORTER Spends Time with Haydenshapes

Recently, the team from MR PORTER travelled over from London to Sydney and spent some time with Hayden Cox. In collaboration with IWC Schaffhausen, MR PORTER created a video piece (directed by Kai Neville) that captures a glimpse into the Haydenshapes brand and the man himself.

“I never started out thinking, I wanna create a surfboard company, I shaped my first board, then a few months later I shaped another one for my best mate. For the next one, I figured I’d need a logo. That’s when I came up with Haydenshapes. It came to me while I was at a party.”

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This Short Film is Full of Emotional Anarchy

You know why that security footage of an office worker throwing the printer out of a top floor window is so hilarious? Because we’ve all wanted to do it. And if I had a dollar for every time I’ve wanted to slap some loud-talking moron’s phone onto the floor, I’d have enough for that pair of A-grade noise cancelling headphones from Bose that I’ve been angling for for months now, to no avail.

Like a bald Britney Spears trying to mutilate a car window with an umbrella, humans abandoning all form of self-control and partaking in a little emotional anarchy is one of the highest forms of entertainment known to man, which is why two-minute short film Enough is just so good. Director Anna Mantzaris’ cute but dismal characters decide to throw social decorum (and at times, their computers) out of the window, in the most relatable of social situations.

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The Fight to Save Europe’s Remaining Wild Rivers

Patagonia tend to be the ones towing the bandwagon that other companies jump on board, and legendary environmentalist/activist Yvon Chouinard’s Patagonia funding of projects that draw attention to the myriad of threats to the natural world is unparalleled in a company of its size. The latest of which, Blue Heart, is a wonderful piece of journalism that documents the struggle to save Europe’s remaining wild rivers from being turned into hydropower plants—a so-called renewable energy source that’s nowhere near as green as it’s been billed.

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The World's Most Remote Fashion Label

Stationed on a tiny island off the west coast of Ireland, Inis Meáin, founded in 1976, focuses on quality cold weather essentials that look as good as they feel, drawing inspiration from the landscape and heritage of their non-traditional home through centuries old traditions. 

Get to know the label and its founders through this intimate short film that does justice to an incredibly individual, and family oriented label. Head over to Mr. Porter here for the full story. 

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Netflix Previews Upcoming Michael Jordan Documentary

Netflix and ESPN Films have joined forces for The Last Dance, a 10-part Michael Jordan documentary series chronicling the greatest basketball player of all time and the unbelievable Chicago Bulls dynasty he led throughout the 1990s. Surprisingly, Jordan approved the project and will take part in it. 

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Chippa Wilson and Brendon Gibbens Peer Through The Pines

Surf clips are a dime a dozen, and often posting them is done more out of courtesy than admiration. But Chippa Wilson and Brendon Gibbens surfing through France? We’ll take it. Through The Pines although reminiscent of the masterpiece The Place Beyond The Pines starring Canadian Ryan Gosling will take you on quite a different ride then you might have signed up for at the beginning. We do however recommend both.

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Arena is an Incredible Look at the World Through Google Earth

Stop everything and check out this mesmerizing short film that uses dreamy music and perfectly timed editing to showcase satellite imagery in the coolest way possible. Truly phenomenal. 

Life is a game that must be played is the premise of artist Páraic McGloughlin’s new experimental short Arena. Created using Google Earth imagery, the piece is a fast-paced look at the earth from above, reflecting the shapes we make, the game of life and the planet as our playing ground.

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Print Isn't Dead in the Papermaker

The Papermaker, a short documentary by Kings&Kongs, is about one of the last handcrafting papermakers in Europe and his immense love for paper. Gangolf Ulbricht makes unique tree- free papers by hand for international artists, conservators, photographers, printers and many more. He learned his uniqe craft in Germany, Japan, France and England. In this short film we see him producing his unique paper in his basement studio in the Arthouse Bethanien in Berlin-Kreuzberg. He talks about his love and dedication for this craft - and it ́s future. 

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Little Rats, a Short Film About Graffiti is a Tense 5 Minute Ride

There’s a few hobbies in this world that just aren’t for the faint-hearted.Spraying graffiti onto trains in foreign countries firmly falls into this category. In short film LITTLE RATS, directors Jesse Heath and Theodor Guelat went along for the ride as ‘XXXX’, a 21-year-old South American graffiti writer, travels and escapes the grips of authority (until eventually being arrested and deported to his home country) across Europe.

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Apple unveils "Three Minutes", a Short Film Shot Entirely on iPhone X

To celebrate Chinese New Year and showcase its iPhone X all at once, Apple has released a new short film called Three Minutes. Shot entirely on the flagship smartphone and directed by Peter Chan, the 7-minute video (oh yeah, it is 7 minutes despite the name) follows a train attendant on a six-day train journey from Nanning to Harbin. While the train briefly stops at Kaili station (for, you guessed it, 3 minutes), she's able to spend a brief but precious moment with her son. The overriding message of the ad, other than to buy Apple's products, is that every moment spent with family should be treasured, no matter how short.

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‘The Normal People’ Takes You Inside the Race of Gentlemen

“The Normal People” is a short documentary by Daniel Soares about the men and women who gather on the sand for the Race of Gentlemen, an event held every year in Wildwood, New Jersey, in which guys and gals don old-timey outfits and race vintage bikes and cars up and down the beach. It’s a sight to behold. If you’ve never been lucky enough to stand on that beach and smell the grease and oil, this is the next best thing.

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