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Little Rats, a Short Film About Graffiti is a Tense 5 Minute Ride

There’s a few hobbies in this world that just aren’t for the faint-hearted.Spraying graffiti onto trains in foreign countries firmly falls into this category. In short film LITTLE RATS, directors Jesse Heath and Theodor Guelat went along for the ride as ‘XXXX’, a 21-year-old South American graffiti writer, travels and escapes the grips of authority (until eventually being arrested and deported to his home country) across Europe.

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Elliott Routledge's Strange Oasis

Elliott Routledge (or as most know him, Numskull) is a name synonymous with Sydney's contemporary art scene.Living in Sydney, it’s almost impossible not to have come across his work. Splashed across walls, adorning the sides of one of the city’s most visible universities, and exhibited in countless galleries, Elliott’s work is instantly recognisable.

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