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Summer Vests and the Forgettable Summer

Anyone that lives on the east coast of Australia will agree that it’s been one of the most forgettable summers—as far as waves are concerned—in living memory. Who are we kidding? Summer is generally a let down for waves on the east coast anyway, so you have got to make the most of what you have right? And the water can still more than often have a tinge of briskness in it, even in the peak of summer. So the legends at Adelio sent out Chippa Wilson and Robbie Rickard to find some 1-foot mush to splash around in and give their new vests a workout. find them here.

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Lessons Learned on the Road

Life’s got a funny way of deciding things for you.

You can sit there endlessly pondering next chapters with no catalyst to send you down one chute or the other, and then bam. You’re off. This is exactly what happened to Beren Hall, a friend who’s been on a voyage of self, and geographic discovery for the best part of a year. Last November, Beren and his fiancé split after seven years together. The life-map that “Bez” had loosely planned out in his head vanished. Instead of the preordained manner in which a male in his 30s is expected to behave post life-changing breakup—booze, drugs, dating inappropriately young women—Beren moved out, quit his job, sold the guts of what he owned, bought a Land Cruiser and took off around the country.

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Wanderlust with Chris Wilson

Sydney based Chris Wilson, a freelance fashion/lifestyle/travel photographer and filmmaker specialising in analog works, takes us on a journey all over Australia. Over the last couple of years on various jaunts the images were taken – aesthetic photographs to sweeten our days when our hearts are restlessly stalked by wanderlust.

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Hunt Skateboards

Somewhere between the sleepy Bellarine Peninsula of Victoria and the hustle & bustle of inner city Melbourne, Australian Skateboard Co. Hunt Skateboards was born. Founder Alexander Hunt was fuelled by his father’s nostalgic skateboard stories from the 60’s, as he was destined to fall into the skateboard manufacturing business.Hunt Skateboards specialise in manufacturing made-to-order hardwood cruisers, which are entirely crafted by hand. The boards are a modern take on shapes that existed in the early 60’s, solid hardwood timber decks, narrow trucks and a flat kicker.

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Postcard from Australia Will Give You Serious FOMO

This is a harsh land we inhabit. This continent tests those that choose to live here. If the animals don’t get you, the elements will. However there is beauty in this danger. The climates found here are diverse to the extreme. The colours and textures are shocking in their discord. You can at simultaneously be on blood red Mars as well as on a pastel pink tropical island.

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