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Tales From King Island

If another wave barrels and spits with no one on it, I’m gonna fucking lose my mind.

To both our left and right, the only bit of life that can be seen are the Wallabies and seabirds. Not a house, person or car anywhere to be seen on the entire strip of beach. Littered for miles is perfect three-to-five-foot wedges piping off their head, and between the five of us all you can hear is, “How’s that one… left… right… fuck me… SPIT!”

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From Here to Nowhere

After Fabien Voileau made the move to Australia in 2007—away from his hometown on the edge of the Atlantic on France’s west coast—the remote, vast landscapes in the middle of our sunburnt country completely changed his approach towards photography. It inspired him to set out in search of more of the world’s rarities, travelling across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and more with his father’s old Canon as a constant companion. We asked the man who’s always on the road to tell us about his dreamy new series that makes us nostalgic for places we’ve never even been.

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2017 Monster Children Photo Comp Winners

For the uninitiated, Monster Children, that bastion of all things culture and lifestyle both here and across the pacific hold a photo competition each year to give you an opportunity to show off your wares. This year's winners have been chosen, so it’s now our pleasure to introduce you to the six winners of the 2017 MC Photo Comp.

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24 Hours in Brighton

London’s great, but sometimes you just need to catch a breath of fresh air.Somewhere away from the eight million people, chain shops, pollution, noise and all those things that can sometimes make a big city a hell of a place to be. Which is why you should take a break from it all and jump on a train at Victoria or London Bridge heading about 97km south to Britain’s most famous sea resort town—Brighton.

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Elementos Cubanos

The opening of Cuba to the world has been a gradual process, and there’s still plenty of things that are lagging. Just one of freedoms that we take for granted, but that still allude locals, is lack of access to imported recreational goods, like skateboards. If you’re a skateboard company and you want to post a box of boards to Cuba, you literally can’t, as there’s no open trade route between Cuba and the US. That’s where companies like Cuba Skate come in. 

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