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Welcome to Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is home to a number of shred-heads, and Otis Carey is one of the town’s most prominent figures—a standout in both the Australian art and surf spheres. 

The Billabong team recently went on an expedition from their Burleigh Heads home turf to the NSW coastal town of Coffs. Where they stoked out some locals with the presence of Occy, Parko and Callinan, as well as bringing a tonne of gear to dish out to the thirsty grommets.  Head to the Billabong site for a more elaborate run-down and gallery. 

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Morgan Maassen's 'Jungle' needs to be seen if you haven't already. Remember 'An Ode to the Sea'? Go ahead, we'll wait. Okay, good. Well his new internet edit was made up of chapters from various jaunts around the world and is every bit as good. The footage was shot over a 4 year period with some of our favourite surfers in different parts of the world. It's classic MM and it's just classic.

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Summer Vests and the Forgettable Summer

Anyone that lives on the east coast of Australia will agree that it’s been one of the most forgettable summers—as far as waves are concerned—in living memory. Who are we kidding? Summer is generally a let down for waves on the east coast anyway, so you have got to make the most of what you have right? And the water can still more than often have a tinge of briskness in it, even in the peak of summer. So the legends at Adelio sent out Chippa Wilson and Robbie Rickard to find some 1-foot mush to splash around in and give their new vests a workout. find them here.

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Fear And Frothing (or Xhosa, a South African Surf Trip)

"We spent 7 days on The Point. The Point is a different world from The City. Every day's the same: good waves, good vibes, morning Coffee and Cigarettes an evening Black Label and Braai. Asleep by 9pm, awake by 5. Some days we forage mushrooms. We eat the biggest crayfish I’ve ever seen. The Point becomes home and the biggest worry we have was Sharks and rolling the land rover on the track to the point."

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