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Always More

Who doesn't love B-sides? Especially when they’re A-Grade! 

Filmmaker Perry Gershkow just released this short film aptly titled “Always More,” starring Noah Wegrich, Nate Tyler, Mitch Coleborn and Torren Martyn (a delightful closing segment). Here are a few clips that didn’t make it into his full-length film, “Just for Kicks,” but merit public consumption. Consume.

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Morgan Maassen's 'Jungle' needs to be seen if you haven't already. Remember 'An Ode to the Sea'? Go ahead, we'll wait. Okay, good. Well his new internet edit was made up of chapters from various jaunts around the world and is every bit as good. The footage was shot over a 4 year period with some of our favourite surfers in different parts of the world. It's classic MM and it's just classic.

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Sudden Light

"In early 2016, an injury that stopped me from surfing led me to picking up a camera. When I realised I couldn’t surf anymore, I sold my surfboard and used the money to buy a camera and suitable waterhousing. Initially, it was just a way to find a way to replace my hobby and maybe reconnect with the water. I didn’t expect it to spark a new passion that has become all but consuming. My loss ultimately became my gain. A new light to follow." - Jack Noel Davis

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Fear And Frothing (or Xhosa, a South African Surf Trip)

"We spent 7 days on The Point. The Point is a different world from The City. Every day's the same: good waves, good vibes, morning Coffee and Cigarettes an evening Black Label and Braai. Asleep by 9pm, awake by 5. Some days we forage mushrooms. We eat the biggest crayfish I’ve ever seen. The Point becomes home and the biggest worry we have was Sharks and rolling the land rover on the track to the point."

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Lessons Learned on the Road

Life’s got a funny way of deciding things for you.

You can sit there endlessly pondering next chapters with no catalyst to send you down one chute or the other, and then bam. You’re off. This is exactly what happened to Beren Hall, a friend who’s been on a voyage of self, and geographic discovery for the best part of a year. Last November, Beren and his fiancé split after seven years together. The life-map that “Bez” had loosely planned out in his head vanished. Instead of the preordained manner in which a male in his 30s is expected to behave post life-changing breakup—booze, drugs, dating inappropriately young women—Beren moved out, quit his job, sold the guts of what he owned, bought a Land Cruiser and took off around the country.

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Jack Freestone and the Hi-Fidelity Whip Around

Jack Freestone’s easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing surfers on three fins.

Once you go down the rabbit hole with “alternate”!? surfboard riding (which we may be guilty of)—where style’s everything—hi-fi thrustering has the tendency to look choppy, regardless of the technicality of what they’re doing. Jack Free doesn’t suffer from stop/start syndrome; he’s got that unteachable ability to link progressive manoeuvres seamlessly.

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As Good As Scotland Gets

“This trip was for a film we’re working on with Ben Gulliver called Seawolf that’s based around colder locales, so we were looking for spots that fit that criteria. I like going to cold, out-of-the-way places anyway, because I’m used to it and they’re generally a lot less crowded. And the weather in Scotland just breeds a hearty kind of soul. The boys there are super welcoming and friendly, and you don’t hear anyone complaining about the cold. They just love to go out and have a few beers, and they get really excited when the waves are good — and the cold is just part of all that. I like to think Canadians are the same way.”

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Surf Dogs

Miguel Constantino is a jack-of-all-trades. He is a French-Portuguese musician, sound engineer, and photographer. Much of his work focuses on or around these things, and as his life rotates around the beach and his dog, this is reflected in much of his film photography. Miguel only shoots film (35mm or 120mm). His work takes on as much nostalgia as it does depict the days you dream of. Get lost in some of his work below.

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Paul Greene

A curated set of Paul’s best work to date, and an interview to boot.Where do you look for inspiration?
I get my inspiration through many different people, moments and sights. Whether it's when I'm sitting in the lineup watching the afternoon light change, isolated in the desert during an intense storm, or just being around good people.

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Morgan Maassen’s Hard Drive Dumps

We don't all have 17 minutes to spare.But if you do then this is as fine a way to spend it as any we can think of. Morgan Maassen’s spent a large portion of his life, and almost the entirety of his career, travelling to the best surf spots on the globe with some of the finest surfer’s of his generation. He’s known first and foremost as a stills photographer, but as you can see, is more than capable with moving pictures as well.

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Watch Candle; Noa Deane's Latest Freesurfing Miracle

No one, without exception, goes harder at sections on their forehand than dear Noa Deane, and his desire to fly off dry end sections after coming flying out of South Oz pipes is thoroughly commendable. The usual forums hosted much skepticism as to the validity of the Stone shelling out big for Mr Deane, but his productivity since signing has been through the roof, and his cultural capital’s as high as ever. If you haven’t already hit play, do yourself a favour and revel in the current king of the freesurfing world.

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New Blood

So you’ve probably already heard that Dion Agius has joined the carefully curated Haydenshapes team. But the waves, and the surfing in this clip is too good not to share. Dion’s particular with the companies that he associates himself with (apart from Monster, but you can’t really blame him for taking a healthy packet for hiding a small green “m” next to the fins) and Haydenshapes, and their team, fits perfectly with his aesthetic.

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An Ode to the Sea

Morgan Maassen's work behind the lens is almost immediately recognisable, whether still or in motion. There's a certain delicacy etched into his imagery and always an intimacy with his chosen subject. And this case, his subject is the ocean itself rather than those who reside and glide about in it, on it or around it. Yes, there's some surfing, but for once that's not why we're watching.

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Let Asher Pacey Make You Question Your Career Choices

Asher Pacey’s seemingly been put on this earth to make one question one’s choice in lifestyle.
You shuffle into work, at best with a hefty workload and a clear head, at worst a hefty workload and an unclear head thanks to a weekend of questionable decisions. Asher Pacey however, from what I can gather, has a job description that loosely outlines his role to include making waves of a non-death defying nature look as pleasurable as humanly possible whilst riding mainly twin fins, all the while giving off a pleasantly earthy aroma to further reinforce his modern anxiety-free existence.

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