The Lamborghini Countach Defined the 80s

The Lamborghini Countach is the Lambo that defined the 80s. Just looking at the razor-sharp design makes my sleeves roll and my hair slick back. Alongside the Ferrari Testa Rossa, the Countach symbolized scintillating speed in the laser-filled, fluro era. Now, you can buy a piece of the 80s from Curated.

In the 1980s, Swiss Lamborghini dealer Max Bobnar had built two prototype Twin Turbo Countachs. In 1982, Bobnar hired Lamborghini-technician Franz Albert to customize his Countachs, turning already beautiful cars into collectibles of exceptional rarity. Everything remains preserved from its heyday, including original interior, Pirelli P7R tires, original racing seatbelts, and the same, unchipped paintjob. If you have a few spare million lying around and are feeling slightly nostalgic for the days of headbands and parachute pants, this car might be just what you needed. Whip it.