The Magpie Bike is Not What You Expect

BMW is well known in the world of custom motorcycles for having some excellent starting bikes. After all, their CB line is one of the most popular right now for how little it has to be changed in order to look like a stunning custom bike. Not all of their offerings, however, are quite so simple. And that’s exactly what makes this BMW R1200C by ROA Motorcycles so impressive: its transformation.

If you’re not familiar, this bike started its life out as a cruiser. Then, the technical wizards at ROA got their hands on it and molded it into the stunning black and white cafe racer you see before you today. The list of alterations is pretty extensive, as you might imagine – including a chopped rear fender, a new custom seat, a new exhaust, a handlebar swap-out with a digital display slapped between them, a gorgeous one-of-a-kind quilted leather air intake, and so much more.