Tom Carroll Captured Surfing in the 80s Perfectly

Photography is now so accessible that it’s unavoidable. But if the social media revolution’s proved anything, it’s that the majority of photos aren’t interesting in the slightest. Perfect technical skill is nothing without a compelling subject, and vice versa. Often the ability to wade through the dross and put your faith in finding that one photograph is the most valuable skill of all. Which leads us to Ben Chadbond—someone who lists his occupation as “photography”, but doesn’t take photos (anymore), and Tom Carroll—a 2x World Champion surfer and Australian national treasure, who’s been taking photos for 40 years and storing them in boxes in his garage.

Tom and Ben have recently completed the hefty task of archiving the contents of Tom’s garage—some 20 boxes, full of slide film and negatives that needed to be scanned and printed—and have curated an exhibition of Tom’s documentation of tour life between the years of 1980 and 1985.

1980-1985 will be on exhibition during April at Quiksilver’s Bar 61 in Torquay.

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