Two Halves House


Most living spaces have at the very least dual personalities. In the morning, a home can be a frenetic, wild place with kids getting up and lunches getting prepared when just hours later the same space can be quiet and meditative. Moloney Architects took that multi-faceted quality to living spaces and gave it a more explicit form with the Two Halves House in Ballarat.

This house is divided into two separate pavilions of the exact same size. The two structures are offset, with one placed higher on the hill than the other. The upper portion is a dedicated sleeping area, while the other – connected by a walkway – holds a garage, kitchen, eating area, and living space. More than just featuring a clever floor plan, this home boasts a truly striking exterior. The cladding is made from naturally fire resistant Blackbutt, while the interior makes use of a light toned birch ply. The resulting structure is a warm, natural, and sleek.