This Volcano Time Lapse Will Remind You How Beautiful Earth Is

With a birds-eye perspective on the majesty of the Big Island, this 4-minute short film uses time-lapse cinematography, a patiently ambient musical score, and the natural beauty of the island itself, to present a gorgeous moving portrait of Hawaii. Lava bubbles up and cools, clouds burst and evaporate, and stars move across brilliant skies in a video that reminds us that nature isn't made of static objects but vibrantly active ecosystems, always in flux. The shooters captured imagery of Kilauea Volcano and the rest of the Big Island from a variety of different locations -- the Kamokuna lava entry in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Rainbow Falls, the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens, the Mauna Kea Observatory, and several others. 

"To showcase its diversity, we wanted to slow things down and let its beauty speak for itself," the shooters wrote on the video's Vimeo page. They didn't just film volcanic activity, but also touted the fact the fact that Hawaii's Big Island contains eight of the 13 different climate zones in the world, and showcased its waterfalls, cliffs, beaches, and deep green pockets of flora, in addition to shifting red and yellow veins of lava and rock.

via Thrillist